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BENN-efit Nutrition team can assist you with a variety of nutritional needs, specialising in modifying unhelpful eating behaviours related to weight management as well as eating disorders.

Our team can offer you individually designed evidence-based nutritional advice providing practical and simple ideas to invigorate your inner chef or break any hindering habits, together, long term results can be achieved.

Kathy Benn

Principal Dietitian

  • Member of Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)
  • Dietitian Representative on the board of Australian & New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society (ANZMOSS)

Kathy began her career in hospitals, then moved into private practice clinics a decade ago.  During this time she refined her skills in clinical nutrition, and spent time as an Accredited Sports Dietitian.  These days she found her niche in weight loss surgery and disordered eating behaviours, and is the Dietitian Representative on the Australia New Zealand Metabolic Obesity Surgical Society (ANZMOSS) board.  Part of this role has seen her coordinate a national Integrative Health Roadshow in 2021, which provided training to other practitioners in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Consolidating the range of previous nutritional training with knowledge gained from returning to study a Bachelor of Psychology, Kathy aims to incorporate them to clarify the science of mixed messages in a noisy health and wellness industry.

For the majority of people, diets prove to be difficult to sustain long term which sometimes result in the ‘yoyo effect’, a cycle of weight loss and gain.  To avoid this Kathy’s focus includes developing a more positive relationship with food, supporting the long and sometimes challenging road especially after weight loss surgery, and to develop a whole new way of eating with long-term success.

Kathy can help you break the cycle and turn your life around.

Past community projects include writing a cookbook for the elderly and those with dementia, developing a corporate based healthy eating program, and joined forces with The City of Gold Coast to conduct cooking classes. In addition Kathy often presents to various groups on a range of nutrition topics, and has been on the organising committee for ANZMOSS conferences.

In her spare time Kathy enjoys cycling, taking her dog running, participating in various events and cooking up a storm at home for loved ones.

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Kim Anakapu

Kim completed her Master of Dietetics through the University of Queensland with training at Brisbane hospitals, and medical clinics, gaining experience in a range of medical conditions such as diabetes, oncology, malnutrition, cardiovascular disease, IBS, IBD and sports nutrition.

Kim has a passion for healing relationships with food, with a non-diet approach. Through her own lived experience, she acknowledges the internal struggles that people in larger bodies encounter and hopes to provide a safe space for improving overall health without the stigma of weight and shape attached to it.  Her approach is client centred and focuses on holistic whole person goals and will work closely with her clients’ individual needs on their journey to improving their health.

Other areas of interest also include gut health, IBS symptom management utilising FODMAP plans, and the management of IBD.

During her spare time, Kim enjoys volunteering with the local community, catching up with friends and family, singing, dancing and learning about different cultures and languages.

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Practice Coordinator and administration extraordinaire Kelley is your first point of contact for all bookings and enquiries.



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